Welcome to hifzul Quran Plus

Hifzul Quran Plus is a unique course introduced by Shaheen Group of Institutions  for huffaz in between the age of  12 to 17 years.It is designed for a duration of  4 year.

By pursuing this course and by appearing in competitive exams like NEET-IIT JEE, Huffaz will be able to get admission into MBBS, BE, & MBA. In’Shaa’Allah, this is possible.

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کُل ہند سطح پر حفاظ کو عصری تعلیم کے حصول کیلئے سنہرا موقع

ملک کے مُختلف مراکز پرحفظ القُرآن پلس پروگرام کورس کے داخل جاری ہیں