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We have designed a programme to provide mainstream education to 5000 Huffaz plus 5000 Madrasa students in 50 Madrasas across India. Madrasa plus is an 18-month programme specially designed for dropouts or those who have never been to school, wherein these Huffaz are provided with an opportunity to enter and pass Class X. The project of providing modern education to Huffaz and Madrasa students aims primarily to integrate the Madrasa-educated students into mainstream education.

Since 2003, we have been piloting the Hifz Plus programme with a small group of students who have never been to school or are dropouts and have seen dramatic success, with most of the students passing class XII and qualifying for CET or NEET within a span of 3 years. The Hifz Plus programme provides Huffaz with an “academic intensive care unit” (AICU) and aims to bring them back into mainstream education. The project started will be aimed at helping Huffaz in the age group of 14–18 be made to enter and pass Class X with the NIOS Board.